The Ninja Kubbies  is a graphic novel written and illustrated by Brandon. The Kubbies are lizard brothers who are trained in fighting to protect the good.  Brandon's originality in the creation of the Kubbies is inspired from the TMNT and his story line follows the Kubbies throughout various heroic actions. This book is unedited and is intended for the reader to realize the struggles of communication that a person with autism continues to have.

Uncommon Minds Book
Ninja Kubbies Vol 1


Diary of an Autistic kid Book

The Diary of An Autistic Kid is a collection of true life stories of Brandon's' life as a teenager were originally written as social stories to learn from the poor choices Brandon made. The book was written in Brandon's own words and only slightly edited for clarity, to allow the reader to understand the struggles Brandon continues to have with communication.  With   comments made by his mother throughout the book.  

Uncommon Minds  is a collection of poetry and drawings from international poets and artists and includes Brandon's first written poem ; Autism Love. All proceeds from the sale of this book benefits Artists With Autism, Inc.

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        More  Books written and illustrated by Brandon

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​2013  Friends of Brennan: a collection of real life stories                          
2014  Diary of an Autistic kid; typical random thoughts of a not so typical kid.

2014  My Little Monsters, a picture book journal
2015 The Ninja Kubbies, a graphic novel Vol I
2016  The Ninja Kubbies coloring book

2016  The Ninja Kubbies, a graphic novel Vol2